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10-Year anniversary in New Zealand


On the 11th December 2010, exactly 10 years (to the day) after arriving in Hamilton on 13th December, 2000; we had our anniversary party.

About 70 friends and family members gathered at 14 Silva Crescent, Riverlea, Hamilton to celebrate this occasion. Catering was by Beth and Jenny and the music was by Kirin from Southern cross.


The weather was on our side in spite of the fact that this was just after the the drought was broken, and the evening was clear and warm.

Chris always says I am not a committed party animal, but it was a most enjoyable night, thanks to all our friends that joined in the occasion to wear many imaginative costumes. Chris was clad, like a Maori queen, in a costume that was made entirely of disposable items from theatre - this costume won the prize at Southern Cross Hospital's wearable arts competition (thanks to Jean Merriles for the loan). All our children and many of their friends also joined in the party. Below are some pictures of the guests. Brianna O'Donoghue, the daughter of our neighbours John and Lisa, sang beautifully. In future she will be available, at a price, to sing at some notable events in Hamilton and beyond!


The main purpose of the event was to thank the people that have befriended us and supported us in New Zealand, making our transition to being Kiwis (except in the cases of Springbok matches) much easier than it might have been. Thank you all.

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